Welcome to the Domitius Dynasty.

In the 41st Millennium, the Imperium of Man is ruled by the God-Emperor, who has sat for over 10,000 years on his Golden Throne, and spans more than a million inhabited worlds.

This story focuses on the Domitius Dynasty. The Rogue Trader Lord Captain Savras Vadimir Roan Tertio Domitius is the current leader of the Domitius Dynasty. His most trusted counselors include: the Master Helms(wo)man Isabelle, Master of Ordnance Xervid Ticondis, Choir-Master Telepathica Solus Pravus, Enginseer Prime Torque, as well as the Tau Jax. These explorers are empowered by an ancient Warrant of Trade to seek out profit and spread the word and grasp of the Imperium of Man to unexplored regions of space. Their home is the The Saviour’s Lament, a Conquest-class Star Galleon Cruiser that is over 5 kilometers long and home to almost 60,000 crew.


Rogue Trader: The Domitius Dynasty

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