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  • Svard


    *Region:* [[The Cauldron]]

    Originally founded long before the current Imperium of Man, it was Re-Founded and brought back into the Imperium almost 200 years ago by Alessaunder Dimitius for the Imperium of Man in the …

  • Svard Prime

    As the gravity shadow from the star shrinks, so to does its hold on this gas giant. What is left is a rare sympathetic celestial phenomena which is slowly diminishing the planet's own mass. The gas giant is losing its gravimetric pull to hold itself …

  • Svard the Ice Moon


    *Region:* [[The Cauldron]] *Classification Type:* [[Hive World]] *Population:* 1.5 Milliion (Estimated) *Geography:* Frozen Ice Land *Government Type:* Council with Lead Speaker *Environment:* Hostile outside of hive

  • Silence


    *Region:* [[The Cauldron]] *Classification Type:* Asteroid *Population:* 0 (Estimated) *Geography:* Large Asteroid *Government Type:* N/A (Formerly Ecclesiarchy) *Environment:* No Atmosphere or Gravity outside of energy …

  • Cog


    *Region:* [[The Cauldron]] *Classification Type:* Factory *Population:* Currently Unknown (Formerly Several Thousand Workers) *Geography:* Frozen Ice Land *Government Type:* Mechanicus Magos *Environment:* Weak atmosphere, …

  • Installation 23


    *Region:* [[The Cauldron]] *Classification Type:* Spacestation And Refinery *Population:* Currently Unknown (Formerly Several Thousand Workers) *Geography:* Spacestation *Government Type:* Oversight from [[Svard the Ice Moon | …

  • Roland Research - Svard

    [[File:584558 | class=media-item-align-center | Rolands_Journal_-_Svard_System.jpg]]

    This star appears in all aspects of testing and retrieved records to be extremely old. It is well passed the Main Sequence of the life of a star. I …