The Reclamation of Svard

Endeavour Scale: Grand
PF Reward: +5


Discover and rescue (if possible) the Imperial Envoy sent to the Svard system. Reassert and re-establish claim over the system in the name of the Dynasty.


You were approached by Captain Keel, Captain of the Hand of Redemption, of the Battlefleet Calixis as you were leaving Port Wander.

Objective 1: Complete
Reclaim Silence
Themes: None
Achievement Points Earned: 150

Objective 2: In Work
Provide Luxuries for the Council
Themes: Criminal, Trade
Achievement Points Earned: 50
Notes: Supply of goods acquired and awaiting transport from Port Wander.

Objective 3: Complete
Reclaim Cog
Themes: Military, Trade, Creed
Achievement Points Earned: 600
Notes: Cog retaken by force. Workforce resupplied with disciples of the Omnissiah.

Objective 4: In Work
Reclaim Installation 23
Themes: Exploration, Military, ???
Achievement Points Earned:

Objective 5: In Work
Discover the fate of the Imperial Envoy
Themes: Exploration
Achievement Points Earned:

Objective 6: In Work
Discover the Source of the Whispers and End its Effects on Svard
Themes: ???
Achievement Points Earned:

Objective 7: In Work
Repair and Refuel Svard System and PDF Ships
Themes: Trade
Achievement Points Earned: 50
Notes: Cog retaken and starting supply of needed repair parts.

Objective 8: In Work
Decide what to do with Library and Proscribed Texts recovered from Silence
Themes: ???
Achievement Points Earned:

The Reclamation of Svard

Rogue Trader: The Domitius Dynasty Reultair