Svard Prime

As the gravity shadow from the star shrinks, so to does its hold on this gas giant. What is left is a rare sympathetic celestial phenomena which is slowly diminishing the planet’s own mass. The gas giant is losing its gravimetric pull to hold itself together and is gradually boiling away into the empty void. This “Storm” that encompasses all but one of the planets moons is made of charged particles and heavy vapors. Visually it looks like the gas giant is shrouded in fog, the ghostly shadows of its moons occasionally appearing and disappearing beneath its shifting blanket. Only the ice moon Svard, for which the system is named, is always outside of the storm. In total, the gas giant Svard Prime has several dozens of moons that range in size from chucks of rocks only a few kilometers across to some that could be classified as small planets in their own right. Over the centuries, most of these have been extensively explored and nearly all bear the marks of Imperial settlement. Due to its current state, records indicate only three of the moons remain inhabited: Svard – the largest moon and site of the systems primary settlement, Silence – a religious retreat and location of the Saints Tower and the repository of most of the systems archives, and Cog – the systems main industrial site. Several attempts at checking for warp activity within the storm have shown that there is a slight warp residue throughout the entire storm clouds. If this is a new phenomenon or something that has always been there is as of yet unknown.

It takes about 8 standard days travel to/from the edge of the system to the Sun. Svard Prime rests about 5 standard days from the Sun. To travel from one side of Svard Prime to the other, flying as direct as you can through the center of the storm takes about 2 entire days.

Major Moon’s and Orbitals

Game Notes

  • Travelling within the storm has the following effects on all vessels that travel within it.
    • All sensor tests at distances between 10-15 VU’s are at -30. All tests at any greater distance automatically fail. It is common when travelling within the storm to notice sensor ghosts and other false readings on the ship equipment.
    • All manoeuving tests are at -10 in addition to any other bonuses or penalties due to the power of the storm. It is possible to ‘ride’ the storm as long as you are travelling away from the gas giant. Any Adjust Speed Test made when moving in this direction will allow the ship to move one additional VU.
    • Due to the chaos of the storm, the penalty for firing at long range is doubled from -10 to -20. Trying to shoot anything beyond 15 VU’s however suffers a -40 as you are just firing blind.

Svard Prime

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